About Us

The V8 Supercars Fan Group is Australia’s largest active motorsport community, with over 30,0000 fans. The V8 Supercars Fan Group grew by 1000% in 2013, earning respect from our competitors as a serious community dedicated to motorsport fans across the nation.
v8sfglogo-mediumThe V8 Supercars Fan Group was founded in September 2006 by Justin Murray. Justin, who was just fifteen years old at the time, created the community using a free website provider.

Despite the challenges of low resources for the website and constant ads, motorsport fans joined the community and became active opinionists, while recommending the community to other motorsport fans.

At the end of 2007, Justin saw potential within the marketplace for a dedicated V8 Supercars fan community. He contacted several website providers for sponsorship and was knocked back. However in 2008, V8SFG was given a lifeline by eStyles Web Hosting (later to be known as HostGeek) - still a sponsor of ours to this day.

Justin worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the first V8 Supercars Fan Group website, which was launched in May that year. The website immediately doubled its fanbase, closing 2008 with 200 members.

In 2013, the V8 Supercars Fan Group launched the largest growth campaign in its history across the website and social media. This campaign was a tremendous success with V8SFG passing all major motorsport clubs and news outlets in terms of fans across all platforms.

The V8 Supercars Fan Group heads into the 2014 season with just over 32,000 followers across its website and social media outlets. V8SFG is this year bolstered by the signing of Hamish Redman as the new Business Development Manager, to support the existing team of Project Operations Manager - Jordan Smith (who joined the team in 2009), and Managing Director - Justin Murray.

Our Team

Justin Murray - Managing Director
Jordan Smith - Project Operations Manager
Hamish Redman - Business Development Manager